Android SDK 33 - Any potential updates?

Hi, you need to update your gpgs plugin to v3 and it will fix your error.

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Thank you @zebi24 … Shoot, I didn’t know there was a v3 update!

@Scott_Harrison @vlads
it’s working, thank you guys for the great work,
but currently tapping the notification doesn’t open the application as it did before.

Thank you for your great work on this @vlads

BTW I think we also should add the “android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS” to the app’s manifest file as the Google documentation explained here. So we should include it into usesPermissions subtable of the android table in build.settings, right?

Opening Notification should be fixed in new release

@vlads is publishing a new build (should be available in a few hours) that should fix assets(namely the widget images) not being included

I’m working on updating the v2 notification plugin to auto request and auto included the needed permissions.


I have published a few updates with the last available Solar2D build and notification popups are working quite well by using the simple snippet of code that vlads had posted.

If you are going to include this within the notifications plugin to show automatically, it would be greatly beneficial for the community if the documentation is also simultaneously updated to let the users know how they can modify the strings and titles for the alert UI.

My personal opinion is that it’s very easy to do this with the .showPopup function already and all of that is pretty well documented so I don’t know if this really needs to be integrated into the plugin itself.


@vlads @Scott_Harrison
I think it’s strategy to keep the SDK “thin” as possible, it will be less work for your guys ofc less work to maintain, in such case just expose the functionality of native SDK as is.
That also will give more flexibility for the programmer.

I think in future releases there is a need to expose : areNotificationsEnabled(), so in crucial cases App can direct user to update setting, (or maybe we can have general API, that check if “permission X” is granted.