Apple Allows Lua Scripts to be Downloaded and Run

Found this in Apple’s dev agreement

3.3.2 Except as set forth in the next paragraph, an Application may not download or install executable code. Interpreted code may be downloaded to an Application but only so long as such code: (a) does not change the primary purpose of the Application by providing features or functionality that are inconsistent with the intended and advertised purpose of the Application as submitted to the App Store, (b) does not create a store or storefront for other code or applications, and © does not bypass signing, sandbox, or other security features of the OS.

Guess this means I’m starting work on solar live builds for production :slight_smile:

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You can currently create Corona SDK/Solar 2D apps which later download scripts and execute them using patcher:


NOTE: Is is no longer necessary to use it as a plugin. Just download the code (link above) and include it in your project where ever you want it.


Nice! Does it do any compression? And does are you compiling the Lua to make it difficult for people to get the source code?

I’d be interested in adding those features if they aren’t already in the plugin

No and no.

Feel free to make any changes you wish.

re: Pre-compiling - No changes should be needed to download and run a pre-compiled lua file. Just pre-compile it and then download it.

Just as a heads up to anyone reading this.

Yes, both Apple and Google allow dynamic code loading, but you need to be careful with what you use it for because those guidelines/rules will be solely interpreted by Apple and Google. There are also other issues to consider with your specific app idea, like App Store Review Guidelines 4.7.

So, be careful. Even if you believe that you are within their set guidelines/rules, they will have the final say. If they suspect that you may be in breach of those guidelines/rules, then your app will be taken down and it may stay that way.