Corona app Android Studio project build failed

Hey guys.

I have dummy example app built with Corona and noticed that Android Studio build started to fail lately. This is the error I’m seeing:

Process ‘command ‘/Users/uerceg/Library/Application Support/Corona/Native/Corona/mac/bin/’’ finished with non-zero exit value 254

Any idea what might be wrong?

I’m using Corona-3582, not Enterprise, Setup Corona was successfully ran on OSX.



I use the same 3582 Corona Version. On Mac.
Did you have the correct java version?
I’m sorry, I don’t use Android Studio (very heavy) but ZeroBrane studio editor.


Hi @renato.rolando

What’s the Java version which should be used with Corona 3582?

Sorry for delay ;(

Corona compiler only works with JDK jdk-8u131
read docs: