Decrease size of ebook

Alright thanks dave, that seems like my best solution right now, just to rescan the pages and just deal with the app size that I end up with in the end.

This is super cool stuff that I am going to look into once I get everything else up and running. Since I dont have the MIDI files, I will have to transform them by hand, but I think there is some potential in this idea, I’ll update this post if I get around to messing around with it later.

Thanks again everyone for you thoughts and information.

Hey again guys,

So I followed your suggestions (new image attached) and the size is great, decreased final apk size by about 2/3’s. 

I now have having some pretty serious display lag, I think it is because of the much high resolution leading to newImageRect taking longer to create/display the image? I am also using transition.moveTo so that could be causing it aswell maybe.

For clarification of my problem, when moving to the next page, the transition used to be really smooth and quick, and now it is quite slow and laggy, and the only thing I have changed with the project is the images.

I will attach one of the new files and if you could let me know what would be the best thing to do to fix it that would be awesome. I can share code/etc too if you think that would help. 

You have scanned at a much higher resolution and therefore your image dimensions are probably much larger and therefore are consuming a lot more texture memory.  

Try resizing your images to the resolution you are using (in config.lua).  You may need to add a sharpen filter to keep things looking good if the resize is major.