Future of Vungle SDK in Solar2D?

I am still building with corona 2020.3582 and the current Vungle SDK (6.3) to display ads still includes uiwebview. As you know this will no longer be accepted by Google or Apple (google is even actively emailing devs that their apps will be removed shortly if still using any sdk with uiwebview), so I am wondering if the latest builds of Solar2D are also still using vungle sdk 6.3?

I have been in contact with Vungle in regards to their latest SDK (6.5 and newer sdks which have removed uiwebview) being updated for Solar2D. They informed me that as yet they do not have a newer build as the publishers base for Solar2D (or corona sdk) “…was not that big.”

If anyone has any other info on the status of vungle sdk for Solar2D please do mention it here.

I don’t know the interal working of the plugin but there is a chance that this could also be updated when Appodeal plugin updates. I’m also curious about that too.

Vungle use to maintain their own SDK. It had nothing to do with Corona or Appdeal other than Corona hosting it. I am not sure Vlad has the source code or has the resources to pick it up. It might be time for somebody in the community to create a new one or ask Vungle if they would release the source code so somebody can maintain it.

I’ve got a ticket open with Vungle now regarding updating their plugin. The person I’ve been corresponding with is supposed to be talking with their engineering team this coming week to see if they have any plans to carry on supporting Corona/Solar2D. I’ll let you know what I hear back from them.

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Their currently outdated Corona SDK plugin uses Vungle SDK 6.3, and I’ve also already received an email from Google about removal of my game from the app store if I don’t update the Vungle plugin within 30 days.

Vungle says that we need to upgrade to version 6.5 but we currently can’t do that without the release of a new plugin from them. I completely understand if we as developers are not a large enough market for them, and in that case I would hope they just open source the plugin then one of us can update it.

I got the same feedback but I have the feeling they won’t be faster than Google deadline, so my workaround is just trying a different ads network.

Anyone who has Vungle integrated in an app in the Play Store needs to remove the plugin and upload a new .apk by the end of the month or run the very real risk of being booted out of the Google ecosystem.

This seems to be the best way to keep Vungle working for now.