network.request and iOS 17 app crashes


We found a serious bug with network.request and iOS 17.

network.request in an app targeting Xcode15 ios17 causes an app crash on xcode iOS simulator and device.
We tried and had the same issue.
We also used the sample code Networking->AsyncHttps which also crashes.
Tested with builds 3698, 3697


  1. Solar2d simulation is working.
  2. Android is working.
  3. Build on iOS 16 is working.

Please check and provide a solution asap.

Thank you!

Did you mean Windows Solar2D Simulator work fine? I found it crashed on macOS Simulator too.
Seems ARC changed on iOS 17 or Xcode 15, found a leak, working on it.

Yes, Windows and MacOS Solar2d Simulator is working. But ios17 Xcode and device are failing.

Thank you for working on that. Highly appreciated.

crashes on simulator on mac os for me

Same. MacOS Sonoma: crash simulator for network.request, 3698 build. Build 3696 works. Crashes above build 3696.

@vlads fixed the problem in 3699.

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Confirmed, it is working properly. Thank you!