OpenSSL - plugin not loading

After installing Windows, when starting the project, an error occurs - apparently the plugin is not loaded. I can not figure out which port needs to be opened or how to solve this problem differently.

  1. What version of Solar 2D are you running?
    I am running: Solar2D 2020.3613

  2. Download this:

  3. Unzip it.

  4. Open the project in the ‘clean’ subfolder.
    It should run just fine.

  5. Build it for Android.
    It should build just fine.

Possible issues:

  • You’re using the old CoronaSDK not Solar 2D? Download ‘Latest Build’ from link at top of this page. Uninstall CoronaSDK, install Solar 2D. Try again.
  • You made a mistake. Look at the way the sample I linked is written. Compare build.settings, look at the actual lua code, see if you’re doing something different.
  • Other ???

Mostly likely you’re using CoronaSDK when you should be using Solar2D.

I tried different assemblies. It still works on the old Windows distribution. At the moment, the day before yesterday build 2020.3627 is my project and your example gives a similar error. The system is new for only 2 days (licensed). I am guilty of a problem with access rights or maybe the busy port on which the plagin is downloaded.
Thanks for your reply anyway !!

Try installing visual studio redistributable 2015 for c++.

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Hm… May be this one would help

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