Setting textureWrapX for a single fill

How can I set textureWrapX and textureWrapY only for a single fill e.g. a ShapeObject?
I found that it can be set globally by display.setDefault which changes it for everything.


You should be able to do:

-- create other objects
display.setDefault( "textureWrapX", "repeat" )
display.setDefault( "textureWrapY", "mirroredRepeat" )
-- create your single object here
display.setDefault( "textureWrapX", "clampToEdge" )
display.setDefault( "textureWrapY", "clampToEdge" )
-- create other objects

can you tell me how to setFillColor( 0, 0, 0 ) to get brown ?

Brown in RGB: (165,42,42)
So setFillColor(165/255, 42/255, 42/255) is Brown

thank you very much !

I dont know how to write " 20th " like exponent

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