2nd Gen Touch - os 3.1.3 No Worky

Hi Matthew, When I start the app, there is no text in the status/ip/port text windows. It lets me open the keypad and type but I don’t see any text. Sorry I can’t get a screen shot from the device. [import]uid: 7587 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 305325[/import]

Hi tbaker

I put on the website 3.2 and above. Im not too sure if the latest versions of Corona are fully supported on iOS < 3.2.

Custom fonts are iOS 3.2 + specific so that would be why you dont see a font.

Email support your email address and I will try to work something out.

support@coronaremote.com [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17744[/import]

Any reason you decided to go with custom fonts? It doesn’t seem all that necessary for a remote app, given the side effect of requiring 3.2 on iPad and 4.0 on phones and touches, thus leaving out the original iPhone and iPod Touch.

I feel the trade off is worth it for my game, because well it’s a game! Form over function and all that.

Also if you want to keep the custom fonts you need to add this line to your buil.settings file:


I’m surprised it went throught without it, but might get rejected in future updates. It will stop people with 3.1.3 from downloading the app. And save you the 1 star reviews that will follow when it doesn’t start up. [import]uid: 10835 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17767[/import]

Custom font - just because I could!

Im going to update the app so it works with the system fonts.

I was in a bit of a quandary with the new universal builds as you no longer target the iOS version. Searching online I was lead to believe universal builds were 3.2 upwards and I assumed everything would fall into place.

Im not big on supporting the original iPhone or 1st gen touch because back when I was doing Alien Horde I couldn’t get the performance on those devices so it seemed like there wasn’t much point.

I will work with tbaker though to ensure that he can get the app up and running. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17769[/import]

That’s interesting. It never ocurred to me that Universal apps would require 3.2+. I assumed it would be so for iPad obviously, but not for iphone.

But since it didn’t automatically do it maybe there’s no such requirement. [import]uid: 10835 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17777[/import]

Thats the thing, looking online it said universal builds were 3.2 ( iPad 3.2, not had a . release before that ) so from that I expected it to be 3.2+.

They obviously do work though as in iTunes Apple rate it at 3.1+.

It also took me an age to figure out all the new universal build settings ( icons etc… ) to get app loader to pass the app for upload. Ive added note in the api page. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17780[/import]

You don’t need to do anything special for the icons in the build.setting, you just need to name the files correctly in your project folder.

Even though my game is not universal I have all the icons ready to go and it displays the proper icon on an iPad for example (tested using different images). [import]uid: 10835 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17794[/import]

Hi Matthew, I don’t really need it to run on that device, it was more just information for you - itunes says it requires iOS 3.1. I didn’t look on the website.

I absolutely love the app, used it for hours last night on my 3gs and it worked perfectly - I just wish you didn’t have to give Apple 3 of those $$$ :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support.

Oh, one little request - it might be nice to have a number readout maybe to right of the line graph to show actual values, maybe as an option.
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@tbaker Thanks. I will get it working on 3.1, thanks for the heads up on that. Im glad you could use it otherwise, I was a bit disappointed I cost someone $10. Had just cancelled tonights outing to the pub so I could get you a build across.

Im planning a few different screens in the next build. The main one (maybe with no graphs), a pure graph one showing all 6 inputs, a compass, a text based page (like the grapher demo) and if possible a touch pad.

Let me know how you found the orientation ( portrait / landscape ) is it worth it, is it annoying etc…

Thanks for the purchase though, im glad people are finding it useful. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17801[/import]

You do for universal builds or the app gets rejected for mis matching icons. You need to specify each icon in the build settings. They will work fine in development but application loader will reject the app with out the following code.

settings = { iphone = { plist = { CFBundleIconFile = "Icon.png", CFBundleIconFiles = { "Icon.png" , "Icon@2x.png" , "Icon-72.png" , "Icon-Small-50.png" , "Icon-Small.png" , "Icon-Small@2x.png" }, }, } } [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17796[/import]

That’s good to know Matt, thanks. Hopefully that makes it into the docs or we’re gonna see a lot of questions in the forum. [import]uid: 10835 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 17805[/import]

Update v1.1 sent for review.

Compass added
Ability to change graph / display
Fake compass mode for older devices without compass
Fonts should work on 3.1 device

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Sweet, looks awesome, thanks matthew. [import]uid: 7587 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 18204[/import]

Ive updated and released the compass to v1.1 and it should be in the store any time now.

tbaker0000 can you check on your 3.1 device and report back please.

There is also a new compass demo on the www.coronaremote.com website.

Im integrating the new network api next which is asynchronous so it will run as fast as your network can handle and eliminate any slowdown (hopefully) [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 19111[/import]

Works great, thanks for the awesome update! [import]uid: 7587 topic_id: 5325 reply_id: 19156[/import]