A couple of suggestions for Simulator UI

  1. I organise my working space as follows:
    The console window is on the left side, the simulated device window (SDW) is on the right side.

When I restart Simulator the start-up window gets location of the simulated device, like this:

So, every time I have to shift it left, open the project and move the SDW to the side I want again…

The suggestion is that the start-up window position and SDW position were stored as separate variables.

  1. On the console window critical errors do not have date&time. Sometimes it is confusing… You just do not know if they are old or fresh… To avoid such a situation I have to clear console window often.

Just my two cents.

  1. The Solar2D Simulator does stay in the same place between restarts. It’s anchored at the top left corner. I do, however, see your point and this could be something that someone could maybe contribute towards.

  2. You can double click the errors listed in the Alert list at the bottom and it’ll take you to the error message on the console.

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