A lot about HTML5 builds

I have a few questions about HTML5.

  1. When I create an HTML5 build, the Corona Live Server is automatically turned on, which allows me to open my game in the browser. However, I can’t connect to Corona Live Server through another device (I’m trying to do it from my phone). The phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Can someone tell me a solution?

  2. I store part of the data that is required to start the game in the “resources” folder, which is automatically copied to builds in Android, but in HTML5 it`s lost. Is there a way to insert it into the build?

  3. For some mysterious reason, there is a strong blurring of the text in HTML5. Is this problem somehow solved?

I have been using Solar2D since 2013, I never knew what Live build means :slight_smile:

However, if you want your PC to act as a webserver then:

If you have windows PC then make sure you have IIS installed, and make sure you put your project folder inside the www root
You must also add .data to mime-Types

Then you must make sure that your PC is configured properly on the network to be seen by external devices

Only then, you open your browser in your phone, and enter the IP address of the PC with the app folder name in www root … it should work

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As for Blurriness you can find the answers here

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