aab Android App Bundle bigger than 150MB upload?

I wonder how to upload a new game android app bundle which is bigger than the allowed 150MB?

What is the best practice for doing so?

Thanks for your help!

I’m wondering the same thing. The old method of doing this was to use an expansion file (.obb) by including the line “usesExpansionFile = true” in build.settings, but AAPs don’t support .obb files. What’s the new workflow? Is there one yet?


no answers on this? I’ve an app with 250Mb that I need to upload

You will need to use expansion files for this or downloadable content.


Thanks for the response, Rob. However, expansion files are not allowed with AAB Android apps.

It seems like the Google-preferred method is Dynamic Feature Modules: https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle/

Has this been looked into?

  • David

You can still upload .apk files.


Yes, and that’s what I did. But APK+OBB is obviously on its way out, so it’s not a long-term solution. Already APK apps result in larger file sizes (and potentially a warning on the user’s device? I thought I read that somewhere).

What’s Corona’s plan for Dynamic Feature Modules or some other way to support larger games built as AAB?

I’m not sure what our plans are, because we have spent a lot of time getting Android working and we have to turn our attention to other platforms for a while.


Any news on this?

And when uploading an .apk file where can I add the .obb file in the new Google Play Console upload design?

I have released an app, and the aab’s size is 157.5 MB.

Hi, I’m trying to upload aab file that is 180mb to Google play store and it seems the 150mb restriction still applies. Is there a method to build aab files on Solar2d that include either feature modules or asset packs?

When I try to build with usesExpansionFile = true, I no longer get apk files at all. only the aab file.

Mo one is building large apps on android? I know there are several kids apps using Solar2d whose builds are as large as ours. How do you build for android if we can’t use aab files yet?