About avoiding paid downloads

I developed a paid game on Google Store.
(Download after paying.)

But recently it was discovered that the number of device codes is different from the number of downloads from Google Store.

Is there a way to download your APP without paying through Google Store
How to prevent this problem

Thank you

You are talking about software piracy and the short answer is no. You can’t prevent piracy.

People aren’t downloading your app from Google Play without paying, but from other sites.

You can try https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/10183279 but there’s no way of fully preventing people from pirating your games.

I agree with @XeduR, there is nothing much you can do to prevent piracy. People will always find a way to get around those measure but if you still want to take a shot at it, you can try licensing.*. I haven’t used it for some time now but I guess it still works.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions