About user Andrey5045

In 2019 I joined Roblox to try its environments as a developer. It was my first serious experience working with Lua. (I still have lots of plans to develop a few games, but I have to postpone… for a sake of a new project.)

As for me I am a Basic-man who started using it on a pre-historic ZX-Spectrum… a computer that used C60 audio cassettes… Since then I used many Basic-clones (even for Android), mainly I use VB.NET. And Lua is such a Basic-clone, right?  :wub:

Anyway… Just recently I started looking for a modern tool to build up an Android app. So, I googled for “Lua for Android”. That is the story how I tried Coronalabs. Love it! Greetings to the developers of such a wonderful tool!