Access Denied on Android for WebView

my WebView works very well on the simulator and also on an Amazon fire7 tablet. But when I try it on Samsung A31 Android phone I get this error message.

for the reason

anyone have an idea?

add this line

webView:setNativeProperty(“setAllowFileAccess”, true)


webView:request( "…

WARNING: [object.setNativeProperty()] The native object does not support the key (setAllowFileAccess) on this platform.

I am guessing this is on simulator, try on device

I already testing on device it works, but because the warning I guess this will cause malfunction on device.
I have already tested it on device however I guess it could cause a bug in its operation.

it is not webView . setNativeProperty

not a dot
it is a colon

webView : setNativeProperty

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thanks !
it works now