Accidentally Wrote Files To Resource Directory - Game Data No Longer Saves

Hello Solar2D Community,

I am using GGData to save data for my game, and I ignorantly set the save file path to system.ResourceDirectory when creating a build of the game for Windows PC. I am aware now that Solar2D’s documentation for system.ResourceDirectory explicitly warns against doing this and have since changed the saved file path back to system.DocumentsDirectory. However, game data will no longer save in the built .exe application version of the game on Windows PC (data still saves/loads in from the simulator sandbox fine though).

I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and can offer some help in fixing it? The problem seems to be persistent across different computers I have tested on and renaming the .exe file when building does not fix the problem. I have also tried rebooting my computer and deleting the saved game files in Users/AppData/Roaming/CompanyName/AppName/Documents so that files will be recreated when reopening the built .exe application.

Any other help on this issue would be much appreciated.