Ad Network, Analytics, and iOS 14.

Coming this fall Apple iOS 14 will ask the user permission before providing access to IDFA. All ad networks, ad mediators, analytics services and attribution services are either working on an update or have a beta plugin available.

I don’t believe most of our plugins will break, but I suspect that the eCPM will be considerable reduced if an ad provider can’t count an install (especially if they are a CPI network), and all the attribution providers will have incomplete install data. From my reading this weekend the services providers mostly fall into 3 camps. Those who are creating their own ids (GameAnalytics), those that will or have a UI to request access (probably a small percentage will give access), and those who plan to use the newish API.

My current plan is to create a plugin of Tenjin and any ad network that comes out first with a solution. I was wondering what other people are planning?

Yeah, I was thinking about this too and how it will affect my game and existing Solar plugins. I suppose this means that the SDKs of all the service providers relying on IDFA need to be updated, which in turn would require updated Solar plugins?

Haven’t had time to look into this in more detail yet, but will surely have to do so. Thanks Apple for another breaking change from one iOS version to the next… :frowning:

I’m currently using GameAnalytics, Flurry, Appsflyer and Appodeal. Does anyone know if/how these services will become affected and if they will require updated plugins?

– GameAnalytics is working on their new version. I was told they’ll have it out next month.
– Flurry update is in the works. They have not given me a date but I can ask my rep.
– Appsflyer will need an update. As far as I have read they are working on it.
– Appodeal I believe already has beta out with a new dialog box.

What worries me is that I don’t believe any of these will just work with a simple library update. New calls or properties will need to be added.

Thanks, great to hear that you seem to have some insights. It would be fantastic if you could post any further news in this topic.

I agree that it is worrying that we don’t know yet what changes will be needed, and speaking for myself I have no idea how to update a plugin so right now I’m totally relying on somebody else to do it.

One can only hope that the “IDFA consent flag” will default to false for the different SDKs, and thereby maybe even making it possible to run on old SDKs. I can’t see how more than a few percent of users will agree to consent anyway from that scary looking iOS prompt…

@vlads, have you planned any dev time for this? I’d say that having ads and analytics working in iOS 14 has to be top priority for anyone with an app in the App Store.

I just read this blog post from AppsFlyer:

A new AppsFlyer SDK will be released soon. Not sure what it means for the Solar plugin, but from the tone of the article I get the feeling that it should be fairly easy to integrate the new SDK.