Ad provider, plugin and so on

Hello all,

I have implemented admob in my app, but I’m not happy with them.

So I think in changing…
I Heard about hyperbid, ironsource and so on…

I didn’t see how to implement them as there is no plugin for them.

From that, i Wonder where to go…
Is someone Could give me guidance for an ad provider easy to implement, ensuring médiation (wothout big job to do and contracts everywhere etc…)?

Thanks in advance

Yodo1 does multi-network mediation without needing to sign up for all the other networks, but they only have a Solar2D plugin for Android.

Appodeal requires you to sign up for AdMob and Facebook Audience Network, but I believe it handles the rest.

There are a couple of different developers with plugins for ironSource:

I recommend Appodeal too.
Also check Pollfish for surveys, couldn’t be easier to implement!

Thanks a lot for your lights :slight_smile:

Seems like Yodo1 is perfect for me and is really close from admob implementation, so code should not change a lot in fact :slight_smile:
Regarding the poll, that’s a funny aspect I might consider later on.

Thanks again for your help!

Hello I’ve gave a try to yodo1 but I have some trouble building the app :
Execution failed for task ‘:App:checkReleaseAarMetadata’.
22:02:40.751 > Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:App:releaseRuntimeClasspath’.
22:02:40.751 > Could not resolve com.yodo1:advert-gp:3.13.0.
22:02:40.751 Required by:
22:02:40.751 project :App
22:02:40.751 > Could not resolve com.yodo1:advert-gp:3.13.0.
22:02:40.751 > Could not get resource ‘’.
22:02:40.751 > Could not GET ‘’. Received status code 403 from server: Forbidden

and many more error looking alike.
Any idea why ?
Maybe it’s because I just enroled my stuff on the website?