AdColony Will Stop Working Soon [RESOLVED]

I just got a note from AdColony stating that they will stop serving ads to apps using SDK 2.X on January 1st, 2021. According to my logs, the Solar2D plugin is using SDK 2.1.3.

@vlads I know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, but is this something that can get attention before the deadline? I have a large user base of people with Kindles, and AdColony is one of the few ad networks I have for Amazon.

Also look at Vungle, that works fine on Amazon too

I updated AdColony to latest 17 days ago.It is 4.3.0 Android and 4.4.1 iOS now. Please check docs to see if there some new integration things you need to put in build.settings

Awesome- thanks, @vlads! I’ll check the docs right away.
@SGS, I do use Vungle, but AdColony’s eCPM is usually twice as much, so I’d hate to lose it.

@colinmorgan what eCPMs are you getting on both networks?

@SGS Looking at the last 30 days for Amazon only, $1.07 for Vungle and $2.11 for AdColony.

Oh… I get $6.4 on Vungle. I wonder why we are so different?

I only use Vungle on Amazon.

Wow- I wonder why that is, too.
I just checked my dashboard, and I don’t see anywhere to do any advanced settings on the placements, just “Active” and “Skippable”. (I have “Skippable” set to “no”.) Maybe you have significantly more impressions per month than I do and get better ads as a result? (I average about 300,000 monthly impressions on Vungle.) Or maybe your players are just better ad clickers than mine are. :smiley:

I have a fraction of your impressions and only use reward. Last 7 days…


Maybe just more valuable players and the fact that I strictly limit impressions to keep eCPMs up.

Agreed! This did motivate me to update my app-adds.txt. It was a little out of date, but probably not five extra dollars of eCPM out of date. :grin: