AdMob Error Code 1 despite correct AppID and AdID

I’m testing live (production) ads in my app before uploading to the app store but I’m getting an Error Code 1 error when attempting to load either banner or interstitial ads. I have double-checked the ad unit ids and the app id, but everything seems to be correct. Everything worked fine with the test mode as true.

The App ID is set in Build.Settings as per the new guidelines. I get this from the console:

  • [I-ACS025031] AdMob App ID changed. Original, new: (nil), ca-app-pub-###~###
  • [I-ACS800023] No pending snapshot to activate. SDK name: app_measurement
  • [I-ACS023007] Analytics v.60802000 started
  • [I-ACS023008] To enable debug logging set the following application argument: -APMAnalyticsDebugEnabled (see
  • [I-ACS023012] Analytics collection enabled
    To get test ads on this device, set: GADMobileAds.sharedInstance.requestConfiguration.testDeviceIdentifiers = @[ @“e13a6f52e5c54fba50cbcf7308ce171b” ];

It would seem everything there is working fine although I’m not sure why it would send the message about test ads.

I also dump the error details from the load failing:

AdMob error: loadFailed : {“errorCode”:1,“adUnitId”:“ca-app-pub-###/###”,“errorMsg”:“Request Error: No ad to show.”}

I’ve double-checked the ad id. The only odd part is that “/” is showing as “/” in the error message, but I assume that’s just how will display when being dumped to a log rather than the screen.

As far as I know, if Google wasn’t sending ads because the app id was too new or some similar reason, it would send a different error code (I think error code 3) and that error code 1 comes down to incorrect configuration.

I’ve tried everything I know at this point. Here’s the code to initialize and load the interstitial ad:

local bannerUnitID = “ca-app-pub-###/###”
local interstitialUnitID = “ca-app-pub-###/###”

function admobInit()
admob.init( adListener, {testMode=false } )


function showBigAd ()
local flag=true;
if ( admob.isLoaded( “interstitial” ) == true ) then “interstitial” );
return flag;

function loadInterstitial()
admob.load( “interstitial”, { adUnitId=interstitialUnitID, childSafe=true } )

local function adListener( event )

if (event.isError) then 
	print ("AdMob error: "..event.response.." : ";
if ( event.phase == "init" ) then
elseif ( event.phase == "closed" ) then
elseif ( event.phase == "clicked" ) then
elseif ( event.phase == "failed" ) then
	if (event.type=='banner') then
	elseif ( event.type == "interstitial" ) then


And here’s the relevant part of build.settings:

                GADApplicationIdentifier = "ca-app-pub-###~###" ,
				SKAdNetworkItems = {
						SKAdNetworkIdentifier = "cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork",
				NSUserTrackingUsageDescription = "This would allow Rogue Party to advertise better.",               
                NSAppTransportSecurity = { NSAllowsArbitraryLoads = true,NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsForMedia=true,NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent=true } ,


I’m loading plugin.att even though I’m not using it for anything yet, thus the lines in build.settings.

Adding to the mystery: Ad mob reports ad requests. The total number of ad requests is different from the requests filtering by just the interstitial which is different than the requests for just the banner, so it does seem to be getting the right App ID and the right Ad Unit IDs because it can differentiate them.

My thought is it is probably just not serving because the app isn’t live yet, but again, everything I’ve read suggests that would be Error Code 3 and not Error Code 1.

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Looks like no one else has experienced this one. I’m hoping it’s just Google acting funny until the app i released into production.

The Android version showed ads immediately without a problem. The iOS version is now on the app store and linked through admob, so maybe that’ll kick it into gear. The fact that it shows load attempts separated into the different ad types makes me think it is some hangup on their end.

Did you get the problem solved?

Im experiencing the same problem since Oct 20. I was seeing ads on the iOS device and since Oct it stopped. I updated all the settings to meet iOS 14 requirements but it is still not working.
In the admob app overview page i can see that the requests are coming in but the match rate is 0%.

Android app works fine.