Admob Listener Not Firing on Closed Phase - IOS


I am switching from appodeal to admob and for the most part, everything is working as expected, except for one issue. The listener does not seem to fire when the user closes interstitials on IOS. On Android it works fine. I am using 2022.3685 and testing on an iPhoneX 16.2 and an iPad Pro 16.2. Those are the only two IOS devices I own.

It doesn’t matter if I use live ads or testmode ads, the result is the same. I even wrote a small sample app and it does the same as my production app. I have verified my app ids and unit ids in the Admob console.

Has anyone else seen this issue? I feel like it is something simple, but I just can’t seem to find that needle.

I will be glad to submit my sample app if that helps.

Thanks ahead of time,

I have the same problem.

I am trying it in a production environment, but it seems that phase:closed is not returned on iOS.
No problem on Android.

I am using Solar2D:3694.

Seems to work fine in test demo attached (Tested video reward after recording and works fine as well on iOS)

Admob (154.2 KB)

Thanks for the confirmation.

I looked at your source and found the difference.
I put admob.load() at the time of phase:rewarded, and this seems to be the cause of phase:closed being skipped.
It was a remnant of the source when I was using Appodeal and sometimes ads wouldn’t load unless I did this.

After deleting unnecessary admob.load(), closed was output and the problem was resolved.

Thanks to Vlad and Scott_Harrison for their help.

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