Admob : onAdFailedToLoad: 3: No ad config.

Hello all,

I’m facing since the 13 of Nov the following error (the one in the title :slight_smile: )
Before that my ads were runing good and I had no troubles at all.
I still able to run test ads (the test ads units from admob web site), but it doesn’t work properly with my own ad units in “test mode”. I’m doing that on my phone which is declared as test device in admob, so I’m not breaking any rules.

Is someone has experienced the same thing?
Is there a solution?
Admob support tell me that as I’m developing under Corona SDk / Solar2D it is not their problem…

Just to know from guys with xp, is the app-ads.txt something compulsory?

Until that my ads were working without it… I didn’t add it yet, just to know if I have to urge on the topic :slight_smile: