AdMob "Test Devices" - open AD inspector using API ?

In the google AdMob documentation related to Test Devices I found that I can use the “Ad Inspector” to analyse my admob ads in my app.

I’m using Solar2D and admob plugin version 2021.3646, a requirement for the AD Inspector is to use
the SDK Google Mobile Ads version 20 or later, where can I check if this requirement is met?

In the Test Device configuration page in AdMob I can select 3 way to activate the inspector on the device:
1.shaking it
2.rotating it
3.calling an API
until now I was not able to show it with method 1 or 2, don’t know where the problem is, so I’d like to try the point 3. Is there a way to programmatically run the inspector in Solar2d ? I don’t see anything in the solar2d documentation.

This is what I’d call to open it if I was programming with the sdk instead of solar2d (from the google documentation) :

MobileAds.openAdInspector(context, new OnAdInspectorClosedListener() {
  public void onAdInspectorClosed(@Nullable AdInspectorError error) {
    // Error will be non-null if ad inspector closed due to an error.

A note, I’m using Solar2D version 2021.3646 and not the latest, because that is the last version of AdMob plugin on the site , I tried to use latest Solar2D version but the plugin was not working with it.