Admob - with plugin.att

I could not get Appodeal to work any longer (it use to work for me - but no longer) I think it has changed over the last couple years. So I settled for just using AdMob for now. And I have that working.

But in testing, the ads do show; although limited to just a few repeated ads.

Except when I choose ‘Ask App Not To Track’ from that iOS att plugin; then the ads do not show at all.
I assumed ads would still show, but be very limited to very generic ones (probably often repeated) if asking not to track. Should there not be some ads, maybe even more limited, but at least some?
Any one have experience on this?

@cyberparkstudios did you fix this? I’m having the same problem on iOS for rewarded AdMob videos. Banners are fine. Interstitial and rewarded are not :frowning:

I did not fix it… it fixed itself - which means something changed ‘I think’ in the admob plugin - I guess Vlad made a change, and the next time I tested on my iPad, and chose ‘don’t allow’ it did show the test ad.

However that was several days ago, and I have not been back to test it. But, initially I know each time I tested and chose ‘don’t allow tracking’ no ad would show.

What I am now confused by, is some comments I have seen on the forum or elsewhere, where maybe having the att.plugin may not be ‘required’ by apple - but it is unclear to me. So I may try just removing that plugin.

I will try and test again today later, and let you know if the issue has returned on my testing or if it still seems to be fixed


I appreciate you getting back to me. So many moving parts - especially with the monetization plugins. I’ve always had problems with them since 2012 when I first started with Corona. If only I could roll back to an earlier plugin!

I spent all day yesterday combing through my code and through the console logs. I’m stumped. All the print statements I have in the AdMob callback report as I expect for the initialization and showing of the first interstitial or rewarded ad.

And yet, as soon as I request a second interstitial or rewarded ad for AdMob on iOS - the AdMob callback stops reporting. It is not firing. I can get the first interstitial or rewarded test ad (I even obtained a live rewarded ad). But after one ad, that’s it. Nothing more! :frowning:

I’ve even tried disabling NSUserTrackingUsageDescription. Also, I don’t use the ATT plugin. I read on these forums that it wasn’t needed.

I’ve just tested again August 28th 08:00 GMT. Still only one test rewarded ad. Then nothing. I am dying to know what you get. I can’t update without the AdMob plugin being fixed. So frustrating.