Am I Asking for too much??

Hello everyone.

I have posted many times regarding this issue, and no one seems to help!

Solar2D’s HTML5 is more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine.

I have created a full business portal for a client of mine using HTML5 builds, and I believe HTML5 in Solar2D is a very great, powerful, high performance, and secure tool

I used to be a desktop programmer, and when I joined Corona back in 2013, I developed many great apps and desktop solutions, I never wanted to learn web development, because I hated it, and thought it was too complicated for my age :slight_smile:

Then HTML5 came, and I was suddenly able to build a full business portal using the same language.
Added to that, I was able to use the powerful code of transitions and animations in Solar2D which requires deep equivalent knowledge in other languages like Java Script to do the same features.

I also noticed that portals created with Solar2d cannot be inspected by browsers by doing Right Click/Inspect, which adds great security from my point of view (maybe it can be but I don’t know how and I don’t want to because I can run the index-deubg.html

All of this is great, my only problem is the Zoom Out Issue from the portal which I have to do to make the portal look crystal clear, and if you don’t do that, the graphics and text become very bad for the eye.

What is the solution for that? does it have to be a new build for Solar2d? or is it something that you can play with in Config.lua file?

Either way can anyone say something about it? are other developers building HTML5 facing the same problem? or is it just me?

Please look at the attached images and see the difference.

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