An exception occurred applying plugin request [id: '']

Trying to Build a Game which i did 2 years ago. Able to Build the game in Corona stable version but unable to upload it to Play store since it is level 27. For level 28 i saw a post asking to use daily builds. I tried several daily Builds including the latest and getting below error. can someone help pls

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
22:51:19.575 * Where:
22:51:19.575 Build file ‘C:\Users\pradeep6588\AppData\Local\Temp\Corona Labs\CLtmpa15132\template\app\build.gradle.kts’ line: 10
22:51:19.575 * What went wrong:
22:51:19.575 An exception occurred applying plugin request [id: ‘’]
22:51:19.575 > Failed to apply plugin [id ‘’]
22:51:19.575 > Could not create plugin of type ‘AppPlugin’.
22:51:19.575 > com/google/common/base/Splitter

I tried Building a sample Project same error. So something with the Build version?

Currently using Corona Simulator 2020.3579 (Mar 28 2020 05:36:08)
Jdk 1.8

Please find the full log below and pls help

Build settings

fixed - The Corona sandbox was pointing to Path. c:/users/prad6588/… . It did not want any numbers in the Path so it failed. I built as a different machine Build suceeded.

Is it possible to change the default sandbox Path?