Android build issues, I have been away for a while...

Hi, I developed a few games that are live on the google Play store but haven’t been updated since Feb 2022.
A few days ago, I noticed that I couldn’t download them onto a Pixel running android 13. One game had no ‘Install’ button and searching for the other games displayed a message: “This app isn’t available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.” Any other games on the Play store appear to be downloadable.
When I check the google Play console, the largest cohort of my users are on android 13.
To make matters more confusing, when I open the play store for these apps on my laptop I can download them to the Pixel with no problem…

So, my first question is: Has anyone seen anything like this on the Play store?
Respect of the Realm - Apps on Google Play
Respect Money Power 2: Advance - Apps on Google Play

I figured I’d build an update using the newest version of Corona, so I installed the latest version of Corona and built an .aab
Then I created a new release in the Play console and uploaded the .aab. But I get a warning that the new release isn’t supported by any devices. There is a drop down for ‘reasons’ but it only includes one option: ‘all reasons’, so I don’t know what the problem could be.

So my second question is: Why would a new build be unsupported for all android devices? Is there maybe some recent update I need to make to my settings or main files?

Seeing the same issue. Have you had any luck?

I suspect it’s probably related to GP’s new minimum target version. There was a new Solar2d build released last night, which should target the new minimum.
I would suggest rebuilding with that version.

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Yeah, the latest build has solved my api version problem.
But I also have a google play billing version problem. I need to “Upgrade to a supported version” but I’m not sure where to do that.

Google’s documentation mentions adding the line: “” to the android manifest.

I haven’t had to edit the manifest in the past, so I expect there is a different way to do it in Solar2d. Can someone tell me where/how I can make this update?

I think I found the appropriate documentation:
Solar2D Documentation — Plugins | google-iap-billing-v2 (
It seems like google changes the billing every year.

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