Android Camera Fill

I know this question has been asked before. And I know the answer has always been “No.”
However, I want to check in on the current 2022 state of this before I make a decision.
Is there any plan to implement the equivalent of a “camera fill” feature for Android the way it works on iOS?
I’m assuming the answer is still “No”, but I need to ask because my app for hiking in the Adirondacks has been one of my most successful and one of the main selling points is its ability to view and identify the 46 high peaks that surround you when you are at the summit of one of them. This works amazingly on iOS and while I can id the peaks on Android, there is no view via the camera and the exact peak you are pointing at isn’t easy to see.
Anyway, I’m double-checking because I’m looking for a different development environment for this app if I can’t get it to work with Solar2d.
Thank you in advance. ~Keith
P.S. I believe what I’ve read that this is not an easy feature to implement. I’m not trying to flame anyone here - just looking for verification so I can move my apps forward.

I don’t see this getting added as a core feature in near future. It’s actually pretty strait forward to via a plugin, especially with memoryBitmap. Would most likely only work well the top end Android devices. A custom native Android camera view is still the best options to work on every device

Thank you for your reply. That’s where I thought this issue stood. It’s unfortunate because Solar2d does so much so well. I guess I’m off to look at other SDKs.
Thanks again.