[Android, Free] Fabian Galaxy 2 - ultimate destruction

Anyone in the mood for a vertically scrolling shooter check out my latest game - Fabian Galaxy 2 - Ultimate Destruction, on google play now. A review would be much appreciated!


Looks really good. Job well done. I don’t usually power up my android, it is collecting dust, but I made a note when I have time to check out your game and give a review. I hope to do that soon
Best of luck on your game.

looks too hard… someone can like it… but not my case.

Thanks everyone for taking a look. Can I ask do you mean from the images/videos or did you try it out?

This could help my marketing.

I played it. It isn’t that hard. The pictures make it look super hard. Left you a nice review. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much thats really helpful. Maybe I should have a few images of the easier parts! I thought to showcase the extreme bits was better…

What I said difficult was when I watched the video. After playing, it’s not as difficult as the video. But maybe because of the control… it still doesn’t feel easy.

Thanks for the feedback and giving it a play.