Android Galaxy S10 full screen

Good morning

I’m trying to enable the full screen on a samsung galaxy s10.

I state that on a galaxy S9 + everything works correctly.

To make it work in full screen I have to go to the App screen settings and select full screen mode instead of automatic mode.

is there a way to start the app automatically in full screen?

I have already set in the build.setting:

applicationChildElements =


             - Array of strings


             <meta-data android: name = “android.max_aspect” android: value = “2.1” />



By entering this code only on samsung s10 a black bar appears at the camera level.

I hope for help I have been stopped for several days

Best regards

Are you working with Corona Native?

I haven’t heard of Android apps starting in anything but full screen. In fact, I haven’t even heard of “automatic mode”. Could you post a screenshot of what is happening?

No I’m working with a normal corona sdk.

I enclose photo with difference.

I wish I could set the full screen mode automatically.


Best regards

Can anyone help me?


I’m not really sure what might be going on. Maybe someone else does.

I’ve never used that  android.max_aspect myself, but maybe that has something to do with your issue. Have you tried without it? Corona’s dynamic scaling should automatically scale your app to fill the screen of any device (depending on your config.lua, of course).

I managed to make the black bar disappear above by inserting:


Unfortunately this, however, resizes the whole app and I can’t find a calculation that fits all types of screens. No one can help me? I don’t want to leave the black bar on a samsung s10 above :mellow: