Android Icons


I can’t figure out where to put the icons and how to get them to work. Is there better documentation? The page only says to put them in the root directory folder so I put them in the folder next to the main.lua file but I still don’t get an icon when I sideload and install the app. Any help and especially examples would be appreciated. Been stuck on this for about 2 weeks and no other users seem to have this trouble.

Apart from what @Scott_Harrison posted, can you tell me where you saw that information without a warning so we can add one?

@Scott_Harrison done that (before getting on here), its not working for me. Been through all of the documentation on and nothing there is working for me.
@bgmadclown what warning? All of the information I have been able to find is on Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides | Building/Distribution and Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides | Building/Distribution are the only pages I can find on Android icons for Solar2d. Other things I’ve found have been from random forums and StackOverflow

BTW, I had to use two copies of the icon. One for the background and one for the foreground. Seems weird and complicated. Now on to figuring out file creation

On the page you sent, there is a warning that redirects to Android Adaptive Icons(the one @Scott_Harrison sent). Here is the direct link: Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides | Building/Distribution
and here is what it says:

Google has changed how Android icons are managed with Android 8 and later, using Adaptive Icons. Starting with daily build 2019.3504 and later, icons are now handled using the AndroidResources folder. See our guide on Adaptive Icons for more information.

If you saw directives in another docs page, please let me know so I can add a warning like this one.

Anyway, the easiest way to make it work is copying the folder structure directly from another project(here) or sample projects you can find in the Simulator.

I was consulting both the Adaptive Icons page and the one that Scott sent. I think it could be more clear because I was just trying to replace either the foreground or background icon and it wasn’t working. After replacing both the foreground and background with the same item, it is working. Or maybe something could be added in the documentation pointing to an actual project like you just did and saying "hey, check out this example. "

Maybe this part could be made more eye-catching than it is now. Thank you for the feedback.

To keep it simple, Solar2D provides example AndroidResources folders when you create a new project from the Welcome screen, menu or you can copy the folder out of a Solar2D SampleApp. Copy the AndoidResources folder from one of these locations to your project in the same folder as main.lua. This will get you a base structure to work from.