[Android, iOS] Arrow Fun (First game on the stores, yiha!)

Hello everyone,

I am Oliver from Olson Innovation Games, I’ve been working with Solar2D in my spare time for a few years now and I absolutely love the engine. I just released my first game called Arrow Fun. You can get it for Android and iOS and I would love to hear your opinion about it.

YouTube Trailer

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.olsoninnovation.arrowfun

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/arrow-fun/id1556448342

Best wishes and have (Arrow) Fun!


Nicely done … best of luck on your game!

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Thank you very much!

Congrats and good luck!

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After a few years and releasing your first game it must feel good. :slightly_smiling_face:
Congrats mate! Cheers!

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It does not feel good, it feels fucking great :smiley:
A few years ago, I had a game idea in mind and started developing it in Java for Android. Then I realizedI need an iOS version of it so i bought a mac. Then I realized I don’t want to work with two different code bases in Java and Swift so I searched for a 2d game engine and stumpled upon coronaSDK/Solar2d.

After developing the first prototype and a bunch of side projects I realized that this game is too hard to be my first game and started developing Arrow Fun. And it was back in Christmas 2020 when I was laying in bed, watching all the Die Hard movies and drawing the first logo sketches of Arrow Fun on my tablet. So it was a very looong journey and it feels great (especially with all the side tasks like starting a business, developing a homepage, collecting all the marketing material for the app stores etc…)

And: Now I am free to continue working on the original project and finishing all the spinoffs I created while playing around with Solar2d. So there will definitely be more game releases by Olson Innovation Games this year. STAY TUNED :wink:

By the way if you need some motivation playing Arrow Fun, here is the highscore table of my wife… (My 8x10 highscore is somewhere around 30 seconds… :slight_smile: )

Maybe add Google Leaderboard:-)

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To implement leaderboards is definitely on my to-do list for future updates. Would be a good way to motivate old users and gain new users…

Btw thank you for your 5 Star review :grin::+1:

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