[Android,iOS] FillBottom. (released)

It was a game that had many twists and turns.

This was rejected by Google and Apple respectively

(In my case, Apple’s reject is the first),

There is still a problem with no ads on the iOS.

Like the previous game, it is maintaining the rule to draw a line and occupy area

but it has changed from a stage clear form to a running game form.

And the biggest change is that you can catch the ball. (Before, it was only possible to avoid it.)

The fun of catching the ball as well as filling the area is pretty good.

Please rate it once.



Nice casual game - quite fun once you get the hang of it. Left you a review - good luck with it!

I did notice the ‘stop’ button had a play triangle on it - which is a bit weird, but whatever.

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I played with it and it is fun once you get the idea. I will leave you a review. On a side note at least for me the reward videos don’t work and I don’t see any ads or anything to buy.

Your review is the first. Plus, I’m so happy that it’s a positive review.
It was fun for me, but I was curious how others would react.

Thanks a lot.

Do you use iOS? There may be a problem with ads not appearing initially.

I think maybe I saw 1 ad on android. didn’t try the reward ads though. I played for a while.

I use Android. I did see some ads today finally.