[Android, iOS] Freeze them all

Originally, I tried to make a game based on traditional play that was easy to understand by improving the previous game.
The game concept is completely gone to Halloween.

This game aims to freeze monsters by controlling the little wizard.
Even if the wizard touches the monster, it freezes,
Unfrozen monsters can release frozen monsters.

I would appreciate your feedback. thank you.

link : android

link : iOS

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Your game is pretty good! 4/5

thanks a lot.
I’m using clip studio.
I’m not a designer but I’m a programmer.

Hey, good idea and gameplay.
One think to improve imho: do I really need to go to menu after every level? It breaks a game flow a bit, no?

is the effect of level up so disturbing?
I think it needs to inform the user of the level up.

I mean levels of game…when I clear all the monsters or I loose, game drops me back to menu and I have to wait some time for logo to appear to be able to tap the screen and try again… This is what I ment…

@atanasovskyjiri. i see. I’ll update it according to your advice.

Freeze (3.0 MB) I think, I found a bug.
When you press pause button and then press yes (when it asks “resume?”) Second time you press pause button pause menu just goes in and out of the screen. I tried to upload video displaying that, but it is not opening for me…