Android Notification Icon Image

Does anyone have a working example of notification icons working on modern android? As it currently stands, my app is showing a blue square instead of any image for local app notifications.

We’re using adaptive app icons, and I’m guessing that makes the legacy IconNotificationDefault-xyz.png images no longer work for notification icons.

Searching the docs there’s reference to putting images inside the android res/ folder, but it seems for solar2d native, and not well documented anyways

The LocalNotifications sample code that ships with Solar2d is pretty out of date.

hello I created an application with local notifications and the notification icon is displayed perfectly here is what I did exactly: at the level of the res folder in all the subfolders I created a transparent ic_laucher_foreground.png respecting the android sizes and also at the level of the root folder I put the iconNotificationDefault-XXXX.png as indicated in the documentation and it worked

the icon must be transparent