android phone image display problem

I’ve had a recent problem when displaying multiple images in different phone screens. The images display properly on most phones (720 * 1280) but when tested on an android phone with a longer screen (720 * 1600) its display is completely off.

Below is how it looks like on most phones (720 * 1280)

This is how it looks like on my phone (720 * 1600)

Here’s the simple code

How do I solve this, how do make the game display on both phones the same?

It will never display “the same” as the resolution is different. You need to adapt to that and display it how you want it too look.

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You need to take a look at Content Scaling.

Also, if you search Google for “Solar2D config.lua” or “Corona SDK config.lua” it will give you many examples on how your config.lua should look like to support many screen sizes as possible.

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Thanks for both advice.
I’ve been running away from content scaling for a while. But, using “display.screenOrigin” seems to help across both screen sizes.

check config.lua (174.5 KB)

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Thanks Man.