[Android] Retro Gorilla Artillery Game

Hey there,
new year, new game: A QBasic Gorillas-like game with a fully destructable environment. All gfx are created using Solar2Ds draw routines - there’s no single bitmap file used here.
Download from Google Play at


nicely done!

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This is a cool piece of retro nostalgia.

If you didn’t use any fancy techniques, then how did you handle the destructible terrain?

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Well, about that destructible terrain, it‘s not really fancy, but it took me quite some time until I figured it out. And it‘s very very use case specific: Buildings and craters are physical objects. Craters are actually circles filled with the background color. So, the original physical shape of the terrain doesn’t change. Now when a banana hits a circle (crater) I calculate the distance to the circles center to check if the banana is still inside the circle. This is needed because the banana would still collide with the building which is behind the crater. Once the banana leaves the circle and collides with the building only, the it explodes. I‘m sure there are better ways to do this, but it works quite well :slight_smile:


For a moment I thought this was pure math. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s a neat solution, thanks for sharing!

Yeah well, at first I thought I had to do it with pure math. But this solution has quite some restrictions. I wanted to include the possibility that if you cut through a building, the upper half will fall off. I’m sure this is somehow possible but couldn’t find an easy solution for this. Maybe I’ll pick it up again some time in the future and then try again :slight_smile:

I’m addicted to it :slight_smile: I have to play it everyday … it’s truly great
hope you make money out of it … good luck

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Cool - thx for playing and happy to hear that you enjoy it :smiley:

It’s a cool game, played it with my 5 year old nephew and he loves it. Also had fun playing with my wife.

Congratulations for this release!

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Thank you so much for playing. Happy to hear that! :slight_smile: