Android system.getInfo( property ) values return nil

Hello, sorry for making another thread which is highly related to my last one, although this seems like its own unique problem.

On this page every value for property is working except the ones for Android (such as “androidApiLevel” )

print ( system.getInfo( “platform” ) )
print ( system.getInfo( “androidApiLevel” ) )
print ( system.getInfo ( “grantedAppPermissions” ) )


Note: I am running the simulation on an android device, such as Samsung Galaxy. I have tried other devices and editing my build settings, and I can’t make it work.
Is this just an issue with simulator that will be resolved when tested on an actual device? If so I can live with simulator not being able to handle it

The simulator is a different environment, it is not Android nor iOS and it won’t fake any data such as the “androidApiLevel”.

So yes, in the simulator you have to fake that data your own. I wouldn’t say that the sim is not able to handle it, but handles it in a special way instead.