Android weblistener not call event

Hi there,

I have a problem con Android version of my APP:

The “event listener” of nativeWebView not respond / interact at “TAP” on link of local html.
In iOS version the same code is all Ok, the event listener is OK ( also with insert alert message and other funtion in the function)
In android version also the alert insert in the function not call

Hte function openURL should call an event of this type:

Any idea

Here the code:

local function webListener( event )

-- print( "evento: " ..event.url)

corona = string.sub(event.url,1,53 )

if (event.url and corona == "") then
-- print ("apro")
print ("Evento chiamato "..event.url)
native.showAlert( "Attenzione!", "Evento "..event.url, { "OK" })

system.openURL( event.url )



webView_home:addEventListener( “urlRequest”, webListener )

All the best
Pasquale Lanzieri
Momento Medico