Another Barrier from AdNob

Another barrier/hurdle. Sh1t storm coming. If you’ve seen John Wick, you’ll know what I mean by “Excommunicado”. Plenty devs to be barred on spurious grounds… Google love to wield the axe!

Email today from AdMob:

Submit newly linked apps for review to lift ad serving limit

How to submit newly linked apps for review

To understand the source of apps, we’re introducing a new process for reviewing and approving apps that are newly linked to an app store.

What’s changing?

This new process will be rolled out gradually during 2021. All new apps linked to app stores after 05-2021 will need to be reviewed and approved. Ad serving will be limited until review is completed.

All monetizing apps will eventually need to be linked to an app store. We recommend linking your apps as soon as they’re listed and then submitting for review to avoid interruptions in monetization.

What’s the review process?

This is part of the standard review process for new AdMob apps. During the review, apps will experience limited ad serving. Reviews will typically take 24-48 hours, but may take longer in certain cases.

How will I be notified about the result?

You’ll be notified via email once the review is completed regardless of whether your app is approved or not. You can also check your app’s review status in the All Apps section by clicking Apps in the sidebar and then View All Apps.

If an app is approved, the ad serving limit will be lifted. If an app is disapproved, it will not be able to serve ads, but can be resubmitted for review after resolving any issues highlighted in the Policy Center. If you don’t want to address a disapproved app, you can hide the app in the All Apps section.