Сan't read path for files with Cyrillic names in HTML5 build

I use json to store data.
If the name of this json is written in Cyrillic, then such a file is not loaded into HTML5 (everything works fine in the simulator and in Android).
The text itself, which is entirely in Cyrillic, does not cause any problems.
The only problem is opening a file with a Cyrillic name.

For example:
“Ресурсы.json” - problem
“Ресурсы/Resources.json” - problem
“Resources.json” - NO problem
“Resources/Resources.json” - NO problem

The browser console displays the following error:
ERROR: Runtime error
?:0: attempt to concatenate field ‘?’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:

errorString from io.open:
no such file or directory

A similar problem is loading any resources (images, etc.) from any folders with a Cyrillic name.

For example:
“Изображения/Logo.png” - problem
“Images/Logo.png” - NO problem

Is there a way to fix this problem without changing the names to Latin?

You may not know, but it is recommended to work with files without Cyrillic, this is not specifically related to the Russian language, just make it a rule that all paths and names should be in Latin and then you will have no problems. And this applies not only to the engine, it also applies to the user name in the operating system, the name of the projects and the name of the project itself, forget about the Cyrillic alphabet in your software paths.