Any native build documentation or guides?

I’m trying to migrate my default solar2d project to solard2d native (Android)
The only reason is app name localization. (iOS can be done with default build, so not needed).

The documentation I found was
and it wasn’t that helpful to me.

The workflow I understand is,

  1. copy app template to some place,
  2. copy my solard2d sdk project to corona folder.
  3. download plugins and copy to some folder and do something (regarding metadata.lua??)
  4. change build.grade and AndroidManifest.xml (???)
  5. build/ simulate/ test (hopefully)

Right? but 3 and 4 step is very foggy to me.
The plugins I use are ‘admob’ and ‘iap(in app purchase)’.
Is there any guides or something?
Please help!