APK + OBB on Google Play pops up horrible warning on install

Our app is around 250Mb. We are using APK + OBB as AAB has a limit of 150Mb,

However, users are reporting that they receive this popup upon app install:

This is totally unacceptable for us as:

  1. our apps is for kids
  2. we have no desire to access photos on a user’s device.

Play Asset Delivery appears to be the solution going forward: https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle/asset-delivery

Is this on the Solar2D roadmap?

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Yes, it is on the roadmap.

Good to hear! Any idea on the priority of this? Google says “second half of 2021” AAB will be required, so we would need PAD before then. Bit of a fuzzy deadline!

To put it as it is: I’m working towards it. There are some issues preventing implementing it right away: asset delivery seemingly requires android plugin v4+. We’re currently on 3.5+
Issue with migrating to 4 is that is changed native tool chain a lot. Again. And some things doesn’t “just work”.
I didn’t look too closely into it but something which seems solvable, at least from afar.
After that same system which handles asset loading from the extension pack should work for asset packs.

Also, to add to the happiness google announced android plugin v7, which has a lot of changes coming in… it is currently in early alpha

Thanks for this @vlads. Let us know what we can do to help testing with this when we get to that stage. We’re keen to break through the 150Mb limit without rolling our own solution to on-demand assets.

+1 for this. I am now forced to use AAB but will run out of available space there soon too.

+1 for this. Many of our apps exceed the 150MB limit. We will soon be unable to update our apps with APK + OBB. Glad to know you are working on this.

Thank you @vlads ! We also need this feature as all of our apps are graphic intensive and high mb size. Looking forward to removing that message that scares a lot of users “Photos/Media/Files”.

sorry, I want to know how far we are now. For now, we will find resources when using aab, and U3D and cocos are no problem.