APK size increase on every build

I’m new to Solar2D. I try to build android and its work but the APK size keep increase everytime I build.

This is the apk size after 4 build:
1st build: Empty code - 11,443 KB
2nd build: Add simple baloon tutorial code - 22,610 KB (https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/programming/01/index.html)
3rd build: Empty code again - 33,883 KB
4th build: Add code again - 56,472 KB

I think there must be something wrong. My spac:

Given that your your subsequent build seems to always be the sum of the two previous ones, I’d wager a guess that you are building your app to the project folder and thus including the actual apk(s) in all of your subsequent builds.


You absolutely right. That is what happen. Thank you for your help.
The output apk cannot be inside project folder or inside any project subfolder