App install conversion tracking now ready!

App conversion tracking is now enabled!

We are very excited to announce that you can now track the installs of an app with LunarAds.

All you need to do is link the app running the LunarAds SDK in it, with a cross promotion ad. This works for existing cross promotional ads, and new ones.

Example: I have a new app named “The Frog Game” in the app store that has theLunarAds SDK installed and I wish to promote it in the LunarAds cross promotion network. I simply create a new promotion banner , then select which app the download link is targeting, from the drop down selection named “Target App”.

After doing that, you’ll be able to see the impressions your promotion is receiving, the clicks, the CTR rate, AND the install count!

The reports are updated every second and calculated daily for your convenience.

Just remember, a promotion must match an app running LunarAds already. You don’t have to be showing any LunarAds in the target app, but the SDK does need to be installed and running.

Email us if you have any questions
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