App Signing for Desktop apps - considerations

I’m thinking about publish my games in Steam Store (maybe in Microsoft Store, Valve and Epic). I have visited DigiCert website and the price for a year of digital certificate is to expensive: $499 dollars. Can anyone here that have their apps published on Steam give me some advices regarding to this topic?

Hi, I still didn’t publish on Steam, but from what I know, they use their own launcher to install games, and that’s signed, so devs shouldn’t worry about it.

99% sure of this.

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Great! …Thanks a lot stefano

We’ve published a few on steam. For mac, they’ve got a straightforward notarization system.

On windows, you are only likely to run into issues with avast/avg (why are people still using these🤷‍♂️) and you can sign up for an account with them that allows you to upload your builds to them for them to make exceptions in their definitions.

Any other more complicated or expensive solution is really unnecessary with windows when distributing via steam

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Thank you @famousdoggstudios, and what about Valve, Microsoft or Epic Stores?