Apple Trader Status?

Can anybody give me some feedback on what to choose from the “Apple Trader Status” selection?

When do I have to choose “I am a trader” with this Digital Services Act Compliance question?

Any help welcome!

IANAL, but it seems like if you’re making enough money from your apps or games, or around them, to not qualify as a hobbyist, then you’re a trader.

Thx! Figured it out. I had some confusing feedback on this.

Now this is clear I have another question:
Regarding all this new EU stuff Apple has to allow apps to be sold from different platforms, than the Apple App Store for the EU… but I did not get any questions from Apple yet where I am asked if I want to distribute apps outside of the Apple App Store. Or has this to do with this “trader” question?

Thanks for your fast help! Much appreciated!

Apple and the EU are still working out how that’s going to work. The plan they put forward has been deemed non-compliant, so I think it will be a while before they get to the stage where they’re offering alternate contracts to developers.

Thank you for the info! Much appreciated!