AppLovin Can't Close Ad

Over the years, AppLovin have delayed the showing of a close button after showing a video ad for longer than I’d like. Also, the close button is utterly tiny on my iPad.

Now, when I tap the close button it doesn’t close the ad at all. Anyone else?

The tiny close button is intentional and, I suppose, it results in a higher click rate, which is why AppLovin allows it.

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@troylyndon, oh absolutely. Sneaky.

I’ve been wary of AppLovin for some years. Waiting blooming ages for the close button to appear and when it does, it’s puny. They also credit me with installs for an app that hasn’t been on the store in years. They are untrustworthy in my book. When a company is as underhand as it is with those issues that I posted about - I wonder about the unseen shenanigans that isn’t visible.

Clicking the close button not resulting in closing of the ad was the last straw for me. I’m trying to get AdMob going, but I’ve posted about that elsewhere and that’s proving challenging. :frowning:

@BDC I don’t doubt what you are saying. Sounds pretty awful. But it does make me wonder, is it possible that your game is somehow being downloaded from another store or via an APK somewhere such that the ads are still running?

@troylyndon if only that were true! I was on Google Play for a few weeks back in 2013. Google sent me 3 emails at once for three separate apps that were not in compliance. 3 strikes and I’m out, so they terminated my account. I was furious at the time and it still smarts. No chance to redress non-compliance. Lifetime ban. Draconian if you ask me.

As I understand it, a new bank account, IP address and I’m not sure what else has been used by developers to get round a ban. However, I could jeopardize my AdMob account doing that.

That nonsense about Google not doing evil still rankles with me now. The developer community is awash with tales of woe about Google banning developer accounts over the years. I’ve not looked into it lately. My understanding (I may be wrong) is that large numbers of downloads are required on Google Play for an app to be profitable. Sigh.