Applovin iOS v14 sound issue.

Although earlier versions of iOS work fine, on my v14+ iOS, Applovin does not return sound control to my app. I can play NOTHING. No sound. No music. Nothing. I’ve tried several different implementations to stop the audio before the ad, but nothing seems to impact the fact that Applovin will not allow me to regain control of sound…period.

Can anyone report their Applovin ads return control in iOS v14+, or can anyone confirm this issue?

@vlads although I could release my app for Android, but the iOS version is now awaiting a fix for “plugin.applovin”.

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Yup - I can confirm this issue. I lose all my sounds after playing a rewarded AppLovin ad. iOS 15.1. Sadly, only suspend/resume returns sounds to the app. I could display a pop-up asking the user to suspend and resume the app after playing a video. Just joking of course! :slight_smile:

I wanted to mention I had/have a similar issue with Appodeal plugin, for what it is worth; once in awhile it would not lose sound, but a lot of times it did. I have not tested recently, it was in my game Haunted Match … and I think it was only on iOS -App Store, I don’t think I tested it on google play.

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