Applovin Max and ATT- dev status and issues

Been testing out Applovin Max recently as IrnSrc are acting funny and have suddenly slashed my ecpms to virtually 0 and refuse to respond to my mails now.

Some issues in the Max plugin were reported a fair while back but aren’t resolved so I was interested to see if there is any plan from the core team to develop this plugin further.

Just mentioning my findings and related requests below:

  • The plugin crashes if the load function is called for banner ads

  • Unable to build for iOS due to linking errors on some adapters (I can investigate further if needed but I definitely saw errors with Unity adapter)

  • The ATT plugin that is being offered doesn’t have a way to show the ATT popup through code and the popup is presently shown on first launch of the app which is not ideal. For eg, I use Scott’s IrnSrc plugin where I can control when I want to show the iOS dialog to request permission. I noticed that there is no way to control this in the Max plugin which means on iOS it will be up to the Solar2D plugin to request the permission from the user and then pass an appropriate flag to Applovin. If the Max plugin is going to be developed furhter and people intend to use it, I would suggest that the ATT plugin be prioritised alongside it in order to allow more control on when the popup is shown (incorporating Android 13 requirements for showing a similar popup on Android down the line will be a bonus)

For now, unfortunately, the Applovin Max plugin is not quite usable but their integration and mediation handling is quite good and I am hopeful that we will see a more usable version at some point.


Reviving this topic, I’m testing the ApplovinMax plugin.
I’m having trouble in iOS with at least one problem. The loaded event for banners is being triggered but then the isLoaded function returns false. If I try to display the banner anyway it succeeds.
Is anyone using the plugin displaying banners seamlessly?

Not a particularly helpful answer this but over the years I’ve noticed this behaviour with several plugins. What I’ve always done is to create my own booleans that perform a similar function to the isLoaded for different types of ads and I init them to False and set them to True myself in the listener depending on what type of ad is loaded-- this seems to work quite reliably

That’s an option, but a plugin fix would be ideal, as the isLoaded function is much more reliable.

Additionally I found a couple more crashes:

When including the Pangle adapter crashes on startup:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'PAGAdSDK.bundle Warning', reason: 'You need to replace the PAGAdSDK.bundle file with the version

When trying to display Unity Ads banner (test mode):

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[ALUnityAdsAdViewDelegate bannerViewDidShow:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x281f8a680'

I’m also struggling to implement adapters, only got fill from Applovin and Unity Ads. Nothing from Admob or Vungle so far (test mode single network)

@Scott_Harrison is this plugin being updated?

It has been and will be at some point